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Mediterranean touch for you and for your spaces...

We are producing high end quality art pieces made from Mediterranean Terracotta Clay and also curate the local crafts.

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This is Mediterra Co.

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Mediterra Co. has born in a small Mediterranean town in Izmir city. Our philosophy crafted by the roots of this region. As our brand, we spend time with family and friends, look for happiness in simplicity, enjoy life and alway create time for relax.

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Simplicity is in the center of what we do. From our production techniques to designs; we keep everything simple. We believe that peace would come with the less. Simple is stickier than complexity, and it survives.



Mediterra’s production technique is the same with our ancestors were doing 3,000 years ago. We’re just using Mediterranean Red Clay, crafting the design by hand on a potter’s wheel and cook it.

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